In-Office Agent

Straightening up the conference rooms? Restocking the pantry?
Making more coffee? Your office manager has better things to do. Leave the grunt work to your in-office vebo agent.

How Does it Work?

Your in-house vebo agent is a bathroom cleaner, a kitchen attendant, and a concierge all rolled into one. An agent (or two!) stationed right in your office takes the pressure off your employees and keeps your business running.

Here are just a few of the things
your in-office agent can do for you:

Full Time or Part Time

Your in-office agent fills in the gaps between your office management team and the cleaning crew. A big, busy office might need two full-time agents to keep things moving. Simpler setups might only need one agent for four hours a day. It’s up to you.

Proactive and Professional

Vebo agents keep themselves busy. They’re trained to put out fires before they start ("We're out of milk... again!?") and take their cues from your team. You show your agent the ropes, they’ll take the reins.

Free Up Your Office Manager

Your office manager is too valuable to spend time reordering cereal. Your in-office agent keeps a running list of food, supplies, and more for approval, then puts everything away when it's delivered. That’s efficient with a capital “E.”

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